Victor und Kindergruppe
Victor Mwamba is a graduate of Theater and dance Academy in Kenya as an Actor, Dancer and a storyteller.He has toured many countries sharing his talent with artists and people. He was born in a small village called Koyango in Goma Congo and he moved to Germany to dedicated himself in a larger platform as an entertain and a performer.Victor belive everybody has a story to tell and through these stories thats our dreams,fear,joy and hopes are embodied.

Victor Mwamba is a freelance Solo Artist he use multi discplinary aproach in his solo Theater Performance Called Okoth the Rain Dancer infusing Percussion,Movement, African Dance, Capoiera,African chants,Songs , Theater, mime,proverbs,tongue twisters in an inteructive and participatory way,full of humour amid the absurdity and seriousness of life..

Victor Mwamba´s Performance has been adpted from traditional stories and life in Congo and other parts of Africa.Also he has developed contemporary performance which go very well with today´s intercultural world.Victor Mwamba is looking forward working with you.Thank you very much.

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